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Mercy Orphanage

Mercy Indonesia currently have 12 Mercy Homes across Indonesia, providing 91 orphans with a facility to stay, learn and grow. The focus continues to be on helping to build these individuals spiritually, physically and mentally. The children in the centre are encouraged to continue their education, including University studies for those that have the apptitude and willingness to do so.

In addition, a further 154 children attend Mercy Homes on a periodic basis (multiple times a week) to continue their elementary school education. Mercy works in partnership with these families so that the children can continue to reside with their families while still receiving an education.

Mercy Education Centres

Apart from that, Mercy runs 15 education centres which provide pre-school education in remote areas, where alternate education is not available. Currently there are 356 students supported through this outreach program.

Church Refurbishments

Bedah Gereja, or The Church Make Over Program, has been one of the powerhouse ministries of the past years. To date, 69 Church facilities have been upgraded to provide their local communities with a worship, community and study centre. A further 5 refurbishments are currently in progress and 5 new applications are in consideration.

Prison Ministry

Mercy Indonesia continues to support a Bible College within the Kerobokan prison, which graduated 33 students this year. The government has asked Mercy Indonesia to replicate this program in other prisons due to its great success in reforming lives. Opportunities also exist in helping previous inmates establish micro businesses.

Radio Ministry

Mercy Indonesia supports 54 radio stations across Indonesia which broadcast the Gospel, worship music and a Bible College program. Radio is an extremely effective method for reaching the lost across Indonesia’s many islands and remote areas.

It also allows new believers to continue strengthening their faith in isolation, especially as many are subject to persecution in their local communities. New believers are provided a solar radio which allows them easy access to the radio programs, with over 1000 new radios distributed in the past 12 months.

Church Planters & Discipleship

We are very grateful, this past year we continue to support 30 church planters across Indonesia. There are 85 new church planting were initiated in the last year.

Retirement Village for Elders

A project has been initiated to establish a Retirement Village in West Bali. The facility is planned to house up to 100 residents in 25 purpose-built rooms. The facility will have communal spaces and staff living quarters, so that the residents can celebrate the remainder of their time here on earth. Currently many of these individuals live in isolation with no support from others; or are homeless. A current basic facility of approx. 20 residents is at capacity; however, we are still receiving ongoing requests from other individuals wishing to join the facility.

Pogawatu Village

Continued support and focus is being made to assist the people of Pogawatu Village which has been isolated from local communities due to leprosy. Praise the Lord, 2 water tanks have been constructed so that the residents do not have to walk up to 5 kilometres to find fresh water each day. A further 3 tanks are required. A pre-school facility has been built and a teacher supported. Major needs still exist to address malnutrition and providing basic lighting within the village.

Mission Trip

We encourage you to come visit our projects in Indonesia with our annual mission trip program. You can see the lives of children and share with them, you will also get life-changing experiences.

Christmas Gifts for Orphans

We carry out campaigns to help children through gifts such as Christmas gifts or school gifts for orphaned children in Indonesia every year.

Christmas Gifts for Pastors

We run a campaign to help Pastors through giving such as Christmas gifts every year.

Community empowerment

Hope Church has been committed several years ago to helping raise the living standards of Sumbanese women through the Sumba Weaving Project program. To date, there are 8 women’s groups in Sumba involved in the project. They got capital to make Sumba woven cloth and the woven products were sold under the coordination of Mercy Indonesia. The money from sales is used to pay the women who do the work, buy materials, carry out outreach to children and to help run the orphanage.

Help Disaster Victims

One of our programs is Mercy Cares for Disaster Victims. One of them is In 2018, we helped the community and children affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Central Sulawesi Province.