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Mercy Indonesia Foundation was started on May 10th, 2001 when an unwed mother gave away her three-day-old baby boy to Paulus and Marliesye Wiratno. Two weeks later another woman contacted them, hoping they would take care of her baby too. The story went on and more unwanted and abandoned babies were given to the young couple. Realizing the need to rescue babies and orphans, and feeling the call of God, Paulus and Marliesye started a foundation called Mercy Indonesia.

Ever since, Mercy Indonesia has expanded by building and overseeing Mercy Home throughout the Indonesian islands.  Working closely with the international organization, Kinship United, we established a network of Kinships and other ministry centers in West Timor, West Sumba, Central Java, and Aceh.

Initially, Mercy was an orphanage for orphans victims of the East Timor riots. Currently, the Mercy Indonesia Foundation has established 12 orphanages and children’s centers spread across several regions in Indonesia.

To date, the Mercy Indonesia Foundation also has several programs, namely the Mercy Cares Program, the Church Surgery Program, the Dian Mandiri Radio Service Program, the Helping Church Planting Program, the Mercy Counseling Program, the ABH Program for training children in trouble with the law and the Character Development School in Kerobokan Prison, Bali.