Our Achievements

By the grace of God, Mercy Indonesia Foundation has received several awards in recent years from Indonesian national TV station and Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs and from several national companies in Indonesia.

Kick Andy Heroes 2015

In December 2015, the founder of Mercy Indonesia Foundation, Paulus & his wife Marliesye Wiratno, was invited to an Indonesian national TV show, Kick Andy Metro TV to share the story of Mercy Indonesia with the theme “Sharing Love for Others”. By the grace of God, that year Paulus Wiratno and Mercy Indonesia Foundation were selected as nominees and won the 2015 Kick Andy Heroes Award. Kick Andy Heroes is a TV program in Metro TV led by Andy F. Noya to give awards to inspirational figures or social institutions that has an impact on the community  in Indonesia every year.

The 2016 Best National Social Foundation in Indonesia

Mercy Indonesia Foundation won the award as The Best National Social Foundation in 2016, beating 34 representatives of other social foundations from 34 provinces in Indonesia. At this event the Mercy Indonesia Foundation participated in the selection from the District Level, proceeded to the Provincial Level and finally won 1st place at the National level. The award ceremony was presented by the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs (Khofifah Indar Parawansa) to the Founder of the Mercy Indonesia Foundation (Paulus & Marliesye Wiratno) in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan Province.

As an Inspirational Figure for Sharing Goodness by PT Sania 2019

PT Sania Indonesia as a national company gave an award to the Mercy Indonesia Foundation founder Paulus Wiratno & his wife Marliesye as an inspiring figure to share the goodness of 2019.