About Us

We are charity/ non-profit organization in Bali, Indonesia. Our Foundation has been present for over 20 years.

Mercy Indonesia was founded by Ps. Paulus & his wife Marliesye Wiratno. Together, their desire to share God’s love with abandoned and orphaned children became the basis for its foundation. In the beginning, Mercy was home to the orphaned victims of the East Timor riots. Today, Mercy Indonesia Foundation has established 11 orphanages and child centers spread across several regions in Indonesia.

For Ps. Paulus Wiratno, life growing was full of prejudice, poverty and struggles. It was the many harsh experience he had as a child that would later plant the passion in him to look after and protect children in similar circumstances.

Ps. Paulus and his wife were also a witness to the riots that occurred in Ambon and East Timor decades ago. during the crisis, so many children were separated from families and parents. These same children would not only experience the trauma of violence but would now have to live and survive on their own.

Shortly after the riots in East Timor ended, they visited Atambua, where they saw for themselves the alarming condition of riot victims. Most were neglected, with no food or a roof over their head. It was at this point that Ps. Paulus knew something had to be done. It was here that Ps. Paulus and Marliesye’s journey to establish Mercy Indonesia began.

Mercy Indonesia is a social foundation that focuses on saving and protecting orphans, victims of human trafficking, and children with legal problems. Mercy Indonesia also aims to provide physical and spiritual services for foster children, as well as a bridge for those who raise their hand in need of support.

After first establishing in Atambua, Mercy Indonesia Foundation continued to grow and provide assistance to abandoned children around the region. This was sparked by the 2004 tsunami that hit Indonesia. In response, Mercy, together with several partners, established 3 new orphanages located in Medan and Teluk Dalam. Through these orphanages, Mercy Indonesia was able to help the children affected by the disaster to live better, more comfortable lives.

For more than 15 years, Mercy Atambua has been caring for children victimized by riots and seeking refuge. The orphanage and child care center also help by educating children from poor/low income families. After their time with Mercy, many are able to go to public schools. Some have even gone on to college and are already working.

Today, Mercy Indonesia has 7 orphanages spread across Indonesia, including Atambua, Denpasar, Rote, Soe, Singkawang, Waikabubak and Wamena. Mercy Atambua Orphanage was the first orphanage to be established.

In addition to the orphanages, Mercy Indonesia Foundation has also established 4 child care/education centers spread across several regions in Indonesia namely in Kaliwesi, Medan, Nias and Sorong. In these training centers, Mercy Indonesia focuses on the physical, emotional, academic, and spiritual growth that all children need.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.