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BersamaaWKBThe Waikabubak Children’s Home was established in March 2005 as economically poor and many people cannot earn enough to survival. There are 16 children in this Mercy Home. This home is located in the province of East Nusa Teggara in Indonesia.

Waikabubak is in West Sumba which is the second largest city on Sumba Island. Sumba Island is economically poor and many people cannot earn enough to survive which has left a large number of orphans. Without outside help, they would also sadly perish. For this reason, Mercy Waikabubak was planted in west Sumba.

The orphan home also serves as a Community Center for the area that has a radio station. The older orphans of Mercy Waikabubak help run the radio station and as a result, many locals have been helped because of this ministry. Many of the children living in this home come from impoverished families from the villages around West Sumba.They are either orphans or have a sole surviving parent who is unable to provide for their child’s basic daily needs.

The dominant religion of this area is Animism. They worship the false god Merapu by offering him blood sacrifices of animals. They celebrate Merapu Holy Day, harvest-time, new home, wedding, and funeral ceremonies. The people living here speak their own local language and do not typically understand Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesia’s official language.

Mercy Waikabubak Home Staff:

Mercy Waikabubak Home caregiver are Pak Petrus Boralalo and his wife Ibu Debora. They have passionate hearts to raise up the future of generation’s leaders.

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