Mercy Indonesia
  • Jl. Intan LC 2 Gg. 4 No. 1, Tonja, Denpasar - Bali.
  • +62 361 428 229
  • Mon-Sat:  8:00am - 4:30pm   Sun:  Closed

Salatiga-bersamaMercy Salatiga is located in the central part of Java, Indonesia. The children are from the communities of Semarang and Salatiga. There are 7 children in this Mercy Home.

Mercy Salatiga was established in 2008 as a result of the passion from some local businessmen to help the less fortunate children. Thanks to their desire to make a difference, seven children have been rescued from the hopelessness of extreme poverty.

Mercy Salatiga Home Staff :

Salatiga Children’s Home caregivers are Joko Dwi Karyanto and his wife Moyliana. They  have a passionate heart for the children of Salatiga.

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