Mercy Indonesia

BersamaaThis Mercy Home is located in Rote Ndao in Baadale village. There 8 Childrens in this home. It was established during Ps. Paulus Wiratno’s visit to Swara Malole (The Good Voice) Radio that belongs to the dM Radio Network. There, Ps. Paulus’ heart was moved by the children he saw, so he decided to start an orphanage in Rote. When he went back to Bali, he shared the vision with his staff and asked them to pray together. After a few years, the vision finally came to pass. The orphanage was built to bring salvation, to raise future leaders, and to take care of the orphans and give them a better life, so that they may impact their community.

Children’s Activities : After school, the children come home and either do homework and study or clean the house and do chores. For the past three years, most of them have shown much improvement and growth in their lives. They continue to excel in their education by achieving top marks at school.

Mercy Rote Home Staff:

Mercy Rote Home caregiver are Henokh Bising and his wife Liva Yukobi. They both have good hearts to lead, care, love and help the children in Mercy Rote.

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