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BersamaaATBIt began through the conflict between East Timor and Indonesia  in 1999, when the two countries were separating. There are 10 children to be equipped in this Mercy Home because some children already graduation from senior high school. The children came from the refugee camp that was built to accommodate those who chose to stay as Indonesian citizens. Mercy Home Atambua started in 2004 with 25 children in a small rented house. The main purpose for the establishment was to help the victimized children that sought refuge in Atambua. The ministry was run under God’s strong guidance. In 2005, Mercy Indonesia Foundation was able to purchase a piece of land and build a permanent home for the orphans with better facilities, in Asuulun village, South Atambua.

It has now been 12 years since the Mercy Home Atambua first began by helping and educating poor children. Some of them are now attending high schools, studying at universities and working.

Therefore, we as the caretakers in Mercy Home Atambua would like to thank all the donors who have been faithfully supporting our work. Thank you also to the Indonesian government officials through the Social Department whom have been a great help to us in serving the children. Our hope is that with what Mercy Indonesia is currently doing to help the needy children, we can save more lives and create a better future for them.

Mercy Atambua Home Staff:

Mercy Atambua Home caregiver are Pandry and his wife Mega Matthew. They have passionate hearts to raise up the future generation’s leaders.

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