Mercy Indonesia

Mercy Indonesia would like to let you know that Mercy Teluk Dalam Orphanage will close.  The majority of the children have graduated.  The remaining 3 children, will move to our Mercy Home in Medan.  The building however, will still be used.  We will be turning it into a Children Development Centre.  A centre, which we believe will be a blessing for the community, the children and their families.

We already have established a Children Development Centre in Kaliwesi, Central Java.  When we saw how successful the Centre in Kaliwesi had become within such a short time, it was clear to us that this was a successful strategy for reaching the community.  The children are able to gain an education through out the day and go back to live with their families at night.

In February, the Home parents Untung and his wife Yane, went to Kaliwesi Children’s Centre for training.

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