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KALIWESI is the name of the village in Central Java, Indonesia. It is one of the poorest villages in Java.

kaliwesi1It began with Ps. Paulus Wiratno’s desire to develop his homeland. He wanted to introduce education, child scholarships and training for the women to help support their household financially. His dream became a reality and the Community Development/Children Center was birthed.

It was not an easy mission to accomplish as there were many obstacles that stood in their way, but God in all His grace provided ways to overcome these obstacles. Finally on the 23rd of February, 2013, The Children Center Kaliwesi was officially released to the public.

In the early months, many kids joined our Children Center. There were 40 to 60 children showing up each day. We divided them into smaller groups, so they could learn and play at the same time. There was also a large number of women attending our training sessions every afternoon. The fatigue of working hours was instantly gone, replaced by the joy and fulfillment we reaped from serving others. After a few months we were struck by a rumour that we were Christianising the villagers and so one by one, people drew themselves away from our activities. We tried several ways to reach out to them and bring them back but nothing was successful.

The truth will speak for itself and our sincere love towards the people in this community was a testimony to promote our ministry. Slowly, people start to accept us and many parents eventually trusted their children to study in our Children Center. We also received help from the local people to teach. As time passed, God entrusted us to take care of the orphans and today we have three kids living with us. We are reaching out to seventeen more children.

The number of children we now have in Children Center Kaliwesi is 27 and there are 3 children in our Mercy Home orphanage.

  • Below is a list of our daily activities:
  • – Radio broadcasting
  • – Traditional Dance class (we received a trophy on the 22nd of December as the Champions of theTraditional Dance Competition across    Central Java)
  • – Home school for children (we teach all the subjects they receive at school)
  • – Crafts class
  • – Orphanage


Kaliwesi Children Center Staff:

Kaliwesi Children Center caregiver are Yohanes and his wife Yohana. They have passionate hearts to raise up the future generation’s leaders from Kaliwesi.


Children Profile MERCY KALIWESI

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