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Approximately 861 million people of the worlds population is illiterateand 15.04 million of those people are Indonesians. Most of them are children from the ages of 7-8 years growing up in poverty and living in disordered communities, which increases Illiteracy. The National Government is aware of the problem of illiteracy and through the Presidential Command No. 5 2006, they have organized a program to overcome it. Indonesia’s population is so large that despite government intervention, many children are not receiving sufficient education.


1. There is a lack of qualified teachers to teach in villages. The salary for teachers in these areas is very low.
2. Many people in Indonesia do not realize the importance of education for all children.
3. There are limited resources for both the teachers and students.
4. The high costs of education in Indonesia has caused many problems for families from lower social-economic groups. This leads to a high number of Indonesian children not being able to complete their schooling.
5. Some remote villages do not have schools. The children in these villages need to travel, usually by foot, great distances to find a place to study.


Realising the limitations of children’s education, Mercy Indonesia feels they can help to provide a proper education for children in villages across Indonesia. We see the need for children in this nation to have their rights in receiving the best education. We can see that one day our younger generation will be well-educated and equipped to build their villages and become godly leaders which will bless this nation and make a better life for their community. We desire not only to educate them but to also bring healing to their souls so that they may live a life in God’s promises, plans, and purpose.

We are building multi-purpose halls where the pre-schools and the community services can take place. These buildings will be divided into 2 class rooms that can be filled by 25-30 kids. We currently have 21 pre-schools throughout Mercy Indonesia. Our goal is to build 250 pre-schools by the end of 2014.


Supporting the School Fees for Poor Children
For only AUD$20 /month or 220.000 rupiah per month, you can sponsor an individual child’s education. The money will go towards providing for their school uniforms, bags, shoes, stationery (twice a year) and a recreational trip (once a year). This will cover their yearly educational needs. The support fee also contributes towards their feeding program once a week. Our aim is to help 300 children this year.


Select a Child

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