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nia 2My name is Nibenia Zai, usually called Nia or Nibe. I was born in Bogarawi (Nias) on June 23rd, 1992. My favorite hobbies include shopping and walking. I am from a very simple and poor family. I lived with my parents and eleven siblings. Both of my parents worked as farmers and would often struggle to provide for the large family. On December 24th, 2004, as we were doing our daily routine, a tsunami struck our island. Everything was destroyed.

I was taken to the Mercy Indonesia orphanage, Medan or also know as Home 1. Here my brothers and I had our physical and emotional needs met by loving and caring people. We were sent to school where I eventually graduated from Secondary school. After graduating, my friends and I had the vision to move to Tangerang to study Mercy Vocational. However, we were struggling to decide what we wanted to do as we had two choices. Our first choice was to move to Tangerang and study but no longer live at the Mercy home. The second choice was to change our field of studies and remain in the Mercy Home. Through our confusion, we prayed and God provided us with His answer.  A lady named Ibu Puri offered her home for us to live in while we did our studies.

I have now completed six semesters of college at BSI Salemba department secretary. After graduating from the Vocational course, two of my friends decided to live independently and support themselves with jobs so Ibu Puri opened her home to another two new students. There are currently four students boarding in her home.

One thing I always remember is to help every person – whether it is someone who loves God, a family member, a friend or a stranger. Bless everyone, especially those in need. For Ibu Puri, I want to say thank you for your support during my studies. You have been a mother to me and I am eternally grateful for all the encouragement and love you have given me. God bless.



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