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Miracles Happen Today

miracle happen todayOn the 18th of August, 2013, Center point church left Perth for their God adventure overseas. With their hearts ready to serve and their hands prepared to bless, they got onto the plane and began their journey to Maulun Village, a refugee camp on the outskirts of Atambua, West Timor. With their bags filled with medicines, ready to do medical ministry and be a blessing onto the community, they did not know what was around the corner.

One day, as they were going about their regular activity of treating the sick, they met a man. This elderly man, whom was being taken care of by his grandchildren, was deaf in one ear. The doctor checked him and gave him medical assistance and some medicine. After he received the medicine, he started to pray by himself with all his heart, soul and mind.

The team then invited the elderly man to the place where people were being prayed for. After the prayer time, the man said, “I can hear!” Miracles happen today.


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