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Elina’s Dream

elina-FarasiMy name is Elina Farasi, i am 18 years old.

My hobbies are play badminton, and watching film. All my sisters have a chance to school and already drain my family money, and because of that i can not attend school. Praise the Lord there is a Pastor who introduce me to a woman who want to help me, and i can go to college now.

When i was young, i really want to be a Tocologist/Midwife, because i want to help the villagers and help the mother who want to give a birth, especially in remote area. And now i’m studying at AKBID (Akademi Kebidanan Prestasi Agung) in the Capital city of Jakarta. I live with Madam Puri and 3 older sisters. I hope when i graduate in the future, my dream to be a Tocologist/midwife will be come true.

I really want to say thanks to Mercy Indonesia and also to the sponsor who have helped me a lot!


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