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Do You Remember NOEL ?

noelWe are very glad to inform you that Imanuel Mercyliano has been successfully operated on.

Since his birth on the 22nd of March, 2012, Noel had Down syndrome and heart defects that made his condition not like a normal baby. As a result of leaky heart valves, Noel’s heart didn’t receive enough blood supply and partly accumulated in the lungs which resulted in an infection in his heart. The doctors announced that Noel was not expected to live long.

Noel regularly stayed in the hospital since the age of 4 months. He eventually underwent surgery in hospital on the 3rd of August , 2013. The surgery was successful and now Noel is healthy and active, like a normal child. We hope that Noel will have a good future and grow up to be a strong and healthy child.

Thank you for support and prayers, Noel.


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