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Apri’s Story


IMG_3420Name : Imanuel Apriadi Tuhuteru

Place/ birth : Tanjung, April 10, 2003

From : Central Borneo

Apri is a child whom born in a broken family. he was left by his mother since he was 6 years old. Apri was raised by his grandmother who doesnt have a job and permanent house. But, praise the Lord because his grandmother and grandfather loves apri so much, they try everything to send apri to school. Apri had been never met his mother since he was left until now, he only heard about the story of his mother from his Auntie and Neighbor. Apri had been treated badly by his aunt and his cousins, they had throw Apri to the well. He have sustain urinary stone and almost never could be healed anymore. But praise the Lord, Apri experienced God’s grace he received miracle so he can be healed now he live in Mercy Denpasar.


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